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Paths of Rebirth - Best Tools to Use

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Paths of Rebirth - Best Tools to Use

Post by BPORAdmin on Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:10 am

Greetings, Bleach: Paths of Rebirth members. The administration would like to provide you all with the best tools for your replay and as such we do have some recommendations for your best interest. With these, there won't be any more excuses! Twisted Evil

Mozilla Firefox

The first one Mozilla Firefox, the browser which we believe to be the best of all choices, not only for browsing this particular forum, but also all other sites on the internet. If you are still one to use Internet Explorer... DON'T, it fails like the majority of Microsoft (considering that you know the basic, less or just a little more... in resume, if you're not a computer nerd, get this, and if you are, then I guess you already use this because you're that smart!).

Not only is this browser faster since you wont get the annoying requirements from Microsoft all the time, but its also safer since it comes from a free Operative System (one which doesn't get money with you) and so, there are less hackers working to screw it up.

Download Mozilla Firefox for free (it's freeware) at: www.mozilla.com
She looks smart, she must know what she's doing! Go go Firefox Girl! ;D

Open Office
If you're one of those people who doesn't have Microsoft Office (because you aren't in the disposition to pay the outraging prices Microsoft wants for those products), and you don't have any other word processing software at hand except for notepad which, as we obviously know, sucks for orthography corrections, use the alternative also coming straight from Linux, that goes by the name of OpenOffice.

It has everything that Microsoft Office has and probably a bit more. Although the layout is a bit different, its very intuitive and lets face it, if you don't have Microsoft Office then you aren't used to it so, it will be even easier to adapt. So if you do need a tool to help you out on your RP creations and on any other document (NWOTN promotes good work and study!!!), use the alternative!

Download Openoffice for free (its freeware) at: http://www.openoffice.org


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