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New to the Forums?

Post by BPORAdmin on Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:11 am

Welcome to the Bleach: Paths of Rebirth RPG Forums.

If you are reading this it is probably because you are new to the forums and as such, you need some guidance around of how to start, but before anything, let it be clear that the purpose of this Forum is for all of Bleach fans (and hopefully future Bleach Fans!) enjoy a simple but great Bleach style RPG.

The members should have a good time, enjoying the role-playing stories, and at the same time, socializing with other Bleach Fans.

First of all, it would be wise to read the rules first before registering, since the rules are what make the forum in the end. You can find the rules by clicking in the following links:

  • [url=]Rules and Guides[/url]
  • [url=]Frequently Asked Questions[/url]

What do you have to know about Paths of Rebirth?

You should know that PoR is a Bleach based RPG Forum which uses the fiction Tite Kubo created as a reference for most things. However, this is not Bleach in it's whole essence so don't be surprised if you see things not being approved that show up in the anime\manga. Above all things, filler and movie material is highly disregarded as being a marketing invention, not original created by Kubo, and as such, will not be used 98% of the times.

You should also know that, being a Japanese creation, all of BPOR has a Japanese theme to it's lands, characters and ways of life, regardless of which country you live in. You won't be seeing any cannon Characters around or any Zanpakuto or Ressureccion that were used by canon characters. You will also not have access to filler material (stuff that showed in the Anime but not in the Manga) due to lack of precision and intense marketing levels which reduce the overall quality and theme.

The main Bleach theme, however, will still be maintained and that is based on Japanese culture. For the Humans in Bleach, you will be able to enjoy a contemporary urban zone and act like you would on your daily life, however, the spirits, namely Shinigami, are based on the more traditional side, even with all their unique characteristics. In addition, all character's names are Japanese wise as well, both in writing and in structure (surname first, first name last; Kurosaki Ichigo, Urahara Kisuke, Sado Yasutora, Inoue Orihime, Kuchiki Rukia, etc).

So, your going ahead with it…

If after reading the rules you still want to register, think carefully before choosing a username. The username may be different from your character's name, but be warned that simplicity is always the best way to go, since we will need to easily identify you for several things as a user and not as a character. Things like "JoEMaxxxT300" are highly disapproved.

After that, you should make yourself known to the community. How about posting in the "Introduction" forum? That way, members will know you're new and may get to know you. Then, its time to create your character. Read carefully each village's propaganda and see what fits your idea of a character best. Follow the template for your character's creation and wait for approval. When all of that is done, whoever is in charge will come to check your application, correct you if necessary, and approve it.

Glad you read it to the end. We look forward for you to start role-playing and to join our community.

The Bleach: Paths of Rebirth Administration


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